October 13-15 2017: City of Raleigh Trip to Kerr Scott Reservoir! – Small Promotional Post –

So Enduro.

City of Raleigh is hosting up to 14 mountain bikers on a trip to Kerr Scott Reservoir on October… 14-15? I think? Check it out at reclink.raleighnc.gov … I am a little light on some rather large details, like when are we leaving (assuming Friday the 13th?), and the food situation beyond breakfast, but tentative riding plan (in my mind) is to ride all three trail systems (Warrior Creek (with Headwaters)in the AM, shuttle to OVT (with Shiners run and Berry Mtn)/Dark Mountain in the afternoon) and rider’s choice for the second day. It all depends on Rider strength and endurance. It could be something else entirely. But that I will figure that out soon and post it.

The best part about this trip is that it’s also weekend 1 of NC Cyclocross, which means that some of the shredders will hopefully be off racing somewhere else, and maybe the trails will be a little less trafficked from the crowd that only wants to go fast.

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