July 2017 Update

Looking Glass Tour 2017 100 attempt

So, I recently remembered I had a website that is literally a my-name-dot-com site. I opened it up and realized it was more banal postings from me, that aren’t cute or clever… Well other than some artwork I did in college that is, at best, inspired by work I saw somewhere else… but is kind of cute or clever? I don’t know. This will probably be my only post until 2019 or 20. Also, those posts are gone now, other than the artwork.

Anyways here’s the update:

It’s 2017, and I am working two jobs, trying to ride my bike when I can, not worrying too much about directions or careers, and FINALLLY starting to address the fact that I suffer from heavy anxiety that, up until a year or so ago, I was somehow able to ignore or suppress with optimism and denial. Long-form exercise does seem to help my anxiety, and that’s why I ride my bike without any kind of performance pressure now (that’s another shitty post I am not going to write). I tried a century in the mountains, and quit at the top of the 3000+’ climb after missing a time cut. Yet again. I made an ambitious riding and racing plan this year and it went off the rails pretty quickly due to scheduling. I also tried being vegan, which yielded some tasty recipes but didn’t help much else. I lost my favorite watch in my apartment somewhere. I deactivated Instagram (no one cared).

I haven’t decided what I am going to do with this site or with this “blog”. Part of me wants to just post things that are interesting that I see around my neck of the woods. Whether it be some nice piece of typography that I found or that I made (and I do make nice typography), or something else interesting. It’s nice not having performance anxiety here either since I don’t think anyone has or will read this. I am leaning towards this format, rather than a cathartic blog about myself (I am not particularly clever or interesting, in the “blogging” sense at least). Plus I pay a therapist a heckin handful of Jacksons every couple of weeks to work on my anxiety, and again, no one reads this.

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