New Year, New Rides

sign on lewter shop road

Now that 2014 is fast coming to a close, it’s time to start planning for next year. This means planning bike rides. Big bike rides. Long bike rides. Rides in the mountains… There are a lot of bike rides going on these days, and I have my eyes on three big road rides, at least 1 endurance MTB race, maybe 2, and a gravel grinder race.

Here are, in order of happening, the races I am eyeing:

1. Curse of the Crab 6 hr mountain bike race (as good as registered)

2. Raven Rock Ramble 100 miles (on the schedule to train for Looking Glass)

3. Looking Glass Tour 50 miles (definitely doing 50. Will do 100 if I think my form is going in the right direction)

4. Pisgah Monster Cross (Redemption for 2013, TBD after Looking Glass and only if I do the 100 mile route)

5. 6BC – I don’t particularly like Briar Chapel, so this one might not happen

6. Umstead Gravel Grinder – will do this one if the weather cooperates

7. Swank 65 – probably not going to do this race, too expensive, difficult, and very hard to train for… But I do love the event and the thought of finishing it.

So there you have it. There are only 2, maybe 3, rides in there I am confident I can finish.

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