10 Year Anniversary of Being Fresh Outta College

circa 2006/2007

I found this old poster I had screen printed a while back. This was when I was a senior at ECU and did some really solid work. If you’d asked me where I would be now 10 years ago, I don’t think my answer would be anything close to what it is now, but at least I have found some form of peace with it. Ignore the inconsistent use of AM and PM on the date by the way. Also, although it’s an old kinda grainy photo, it does kind of capture that it was a nice orange paint mixed with gold sparkly paint, and it looked/looks really cool in person

October 13-15 2017: City of Raleigh Trip to Kerr Scott Reservoir! – Small Promotional Post –

So Enduro.

City of Raleigh is hosting up to 14 mountain bikers on a trip to Kerr Scott Reservoir on October… 14-15? I think? Check it out at reclink.raleighnc.gov … I am a little light on some rather large details, like when are we leaving (assuming Friday the 13th?), and the food situation beyond breakfast, but tentative riding plan (in my mind) is to ride all three trail systems (Warrior Creek (with Headwaters)in the AM, shuttle to OVT (with Shiners run and Berry Mtn)/Dark Mountain in the afternoon) and rider’s choice for the second day. It all depends on Rider strength and endurance. It could be something else entirely. But that I will figure that out soon and post it.

The best part about this trip is that it’s also weekend 1 of NC Cyclocross, which means that some of the shredders will hopefully be off racing somewhere else, and maybe the trails will be a little less trafficked from the crowd that only wants to go fast.

July 2017 Update

Looking Glass Tour 2017 100 attempt

So, I recently remembered I had a website that is literally a my-name-dot-com site. I opened it up and realized it was more banal postings from me, that aren’t cute or clever… Well other than some artwork I did in college that is, at best, inspired by work I saw somewhere else… but is kind of cute or clever? I don’t know. This will probably be my only post until 2019 or 20. Also, those posts are gone now, other than the artwork.

Anyways here’s the update:

It’s 2017, and I am working two jobs, trying to ride my bike when I can, not worrying too much about directions or careers, and FINALLLY starting to address the fact that I suffer from heavy anxiety that, up until a year or so ago, I was somehow able to ignore or suppress with optimism and denial. Long-form exercise does seem to help my anxiety, and that’s why I ride my bike without any kind of performance pressure now (that’s another shitty post I am not going to write). I tried a century in the mountains, and quit at the top of the 3000+’ climb after missing a time cut. Yet again. I made an ambitious riding and racing plan this year and it went off the rails pretty quickly due to scheduling. I also tried being vegan, which yielded some tasty recipes but didn’t help much else. I lost my favorite watch in my apartment somewhere. I deactivated Instagram (no one cared).

I haven’t decided what I am going to do with this site or with this “blog”. Part of me wants to just post things that are interesting that I see around my neck of the woods. Whether it be some nice piece of typography that I found or that I made (and I do make nice typography), or something else interesting. It’s nice not having performance anxiety here either since I don’t think anyone has or will read this. I am leaning towards this format, rather than a cathartic blog about myself (I am not particularly clever or interesting, in the “blogging” sense at least). Plus I pay a therapist a heckin handful of Jacksons every couple of weeks to work on my anxiety, and again, no one reads this.