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Typography Glossary
Source – The Ultralinx via Pinterest https://theultralinx.com/2015/09/a-handy-typography-glossary-for-beginners/

Typography is still an amazing thing to me, even though I no longer do graphic design work in any capacity. I still flip through Bringhurst’s The Elements of Typographic Style, along with Lupton’s book, Thinking withType. I also thumb through some other old typography books I bought in college, and try to peruse pinterest to see what’s going on in typography these days. Admittedly it’s a tedious and uneventful interest of mine, but occastionally, there is divorce drama at  one of the most renowned type foundries in the world.  Or there’s always new and fascinating hand-drawn type… everywhere. And even in street art there are some very very interesting concepts in lettering (see link and below)

All this is to say, even though the “Design” and general snobbery craze of the first decade of this century, and last decade of the last century, seems to have diminished greatly, and while advertising and, to a degree design itself seems to be running into an overdraft problem with their alternative cliches and pop aesthetics that have been fueling the last 4 decades or so, there is still some really cool typography stuff happening around the people who are still passionate about it.  And some of it, like the street art, in some unexpected places.